What is Thai Massage?

(this article was originally written for a published by LAILA Thai Massage Randwick)

What is Thai massage? Our guide.

Mention to someone that you recently got a Thai massage and you’ll probably make them green with envy. They’ll put a hand on their back or grab their shoulder and wish theythai massage randwick could get one, too. And who can blame them! We all need a little relief from the aches and pains that life causes us. But what do you say when someone ask you, “What is a Thai massage?” How do you describe a Thai massage? How is it different to any other massage? LAILA Thai Massage Randwick has the answers for you.


The healing art known as Nuad Boran (ancient massage) began to evolve over two thousand years ago in present day Thailand. What is today called Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure and energy balancing techniques, Indian Ayurvedic principles, meditation and assisted yoga postures.


Traditional Thai massage is rooted in the belief that all forms of life are sustained by a vital force (lom) that is carried along invisible energy pathways (sen) that run through our bodies. We extract this energy from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the liquids we drink. It’s believed that disease and dysfunction come about when the body absorbs the wrong mix of these elements or they are distorted by emotional distress. The intent of Thai Massage is to free this trapped energy, stimulate the natural flow of life-force, and help restore and maintain a general balance of wellness.


Traditional Thai massage requires the client to be loosely dressed in comfortable Thai garments provided by the therapist. The Thai massage therapist will then ask you which arealaila thai massage randwick hot stone you would like to concentrate on, e.g. shoulders, back, neck; and whether you want soft, medium or firm pressure. Using their body weight, they will expertly vary the application of that pressure to your muscles via their knees, elbows or hands. As mentioned, Thai massage is often referred to as Thai massage yoga because of the assisted, yoga-like stretches the therapist guides the client through, usually at the end of the massage. It’s a wonderful way to improve blood circulation, muscle tone and range of movement.


So what is a Thai massage? It’s  30 mins or more of bliss for mind and body! Give LAILA Thai Massage Randwick a call at (02) 93145160 or send us an email at info@lailathaimassage.com.au. We are a clean, comfortable and strictly professional Thai massage shop. Absolutely no sexual services provided.