Review of ‘The Third Bomb’ on the Black List

This week my feature film screenplay ‘The Third Bomb’ received a great review on the prestigious and well regarded industry website ‘The Black List’ The life of a screenwriter is filled with lots of rejection, so it’s days like this we have to celebrate! For more details on my project go to Below is an excerpt from the review:

This is an incredibly well written script with strong and three-dimensional characters, a well threaded theme, and action sequences that are both visual and exciting.

Everything really comes together in this script, from the minor scenes to the overarching theme of doing the right thing vs. following orders. The author did a wonderful job creating sympathetic characters. Mark’s family life is compelling and his scenes at home ground him and make him believable. This means the audience will root for him later. Harry, Kenji, Shiro and Yunmei’s backstories are all incredibly tragic and sympathetic, too. The moment where Harry reminds Mark that Ben doesn’t need a dead hero father is powerful and reminds the audience of the stakes involved for Mark’s emotional journey. His mission is important to him, but he discovers that the lives of his comrades and his family are what’s most essential. Kenji is a great addition because he acts a fulcrum for the plot. Without him, the prisoners would not be able to escape, but his entire storyline is rooted in his innocence. This proves the story’s point that every man is worth saving. Even though Harry’s sacrifice is short lived, his and Kenji’s deaths are incredibly emotional and unexpected. The final image of the bomber submerged in the water is excellent. Great script!”

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