Quick Food Review: Kepos Street Kitchen

We found this little gem of a restaurant, Kepos Street Kitchen, through TripAdvisor while passing through Redfern (Sydney, Australia). People and tables are packed in pretty tight, but it was worth the claustrophobia. It’s light, clean and friendly.
There are lots of people on TripAdvisor who ordered the salad with the lamb cigars. The name alone is intriguing, but we went against the grain and ordered something else. Thankfully, we weren’t disappointed
kepos kitchen storiesbyphil 21. WOOD-FIRED SMOKED SALMON SALAD. Maybe the best salad I’ve ever had! With green olives, kipflers, a soft boiled egg and dukkah, it is not only HEALTHY but DELICIOUS.
2. SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH. I’m from the South in the US, so I was skeptical they could pulls this off, but I tip my hat. It was a fusion of America and the Middle East, with a tangy coleslaw and chermoula marinade, and it was DELICIOUS, too. A bit greasy compared to my girlfriend’s healthy salad, but worth an extra trip to the gym.
The place gets very busy, even during the week (we went on a Thur), so get there early, or late. Parking on the residential streets behind the restaurant is free and relatively gettable, i.e. you don’t need to catch a bus there. You also don’t need to steal your grandmother’s silverware to pay for a meal. By Sydney standards, it was reasonable, considering the quality. Two meals (no drinks) for $36.

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