A Warning to New Screenwriters by Billy Ray

Brilliant bits of wisdom for new screenwriters from Billy Ray, screenwriter of Captain Phillips and The Hunger Games. This is an excerpt from his speech to the winners of the 2012 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. https://medium.com/art-science/a-warning-for-our-next-great-screenwriters-4af580c2e0b7.

“The only variable you will ever have any control over is your willingness to work hard.”

‘Casablanca’ sucks?! WTF?

Hard to believe, but it’s true… In the 1980s, this film’s script was sent to readers at a number of major studios and production companies under its original title, Everybody Comes To Rick’s. Some readers recognized the script, but most did not. Many complained that the script was “not good enough” to make a decent…